Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tech Buddies

This past week, one of my colleagues and I decided to try a little twist on the older child-younger child buddy programs. She teaches Pre-K and was telling me about how her students don't really understand what to do with a computer. My students have been using computers for a long time now and, as such, were in a really good position to teach her students how to use them.

We decided that we would start a tech-buddy program. Once a month, we would bring our classes together to work on the computers. This week we wanted the students to get to know each other, to feel comfortable with each other and to have some fun. We decided that a fun way for them to work together for the first time would be to use the program GoAnimate to create little cartoons.

7th graders showed the Pre-K students the characters, the backgrounds, the props, the music and the animations and let them choose what they wanted to use in their movies. They also worked with the Pre-K to develop a beginning, a middle and an end to their stories. In this way, the Pre-K students participated in creating a story, in making a cartoon, in getting to know their 7th grade buddies and in feeling more comfortable with the computers.

Next time we will work with them on a reading program in the Learning Hub.

The 7th graders loved the experience. Having something to focus on, that they could do well, and that delighted their buddies made them into leaders and movie directors. They also had a good time when their Pre-K buddies came up with ideas for movies like, Exploding Poop. Middle schoolers and Pre-K students have more in common that you think.

Patty said that her students were interested in birthdays and holidays, so my students found appropriate backgrounds, music and props. The Snow Man and the Birthday Cake by null

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